Peter & Ros Goodchild, Goodchild Agencies

Many thanks go to the boys at IT Construct.  They have solved all of our IT problems for quite a few years now with a minimum of fuss and plenty of good advice.  No need to go anywhere else they do it all !!

Rachael Eichmann, Combined Solar

IT Constructs have been looking after our IT needs for
the past 2 years, since our inception.  They have followed our growth and
anticipated our IT needs at every stage of our growth from 2 employees to 28
employees.  Our IT systems tick over and we don’t have to worry about
things as Adam, Brenton & Jamie pre-empt any changes we require which is what
we would expect of a company who are experts in their field

Cameron Thomas, Draftech

The Team at IT Constructs have looked after all our IT needs from the day they opened their door for trade, Three and a half years ago.  When we have an issue with our complex network they are very quick to resolve any error messages by way of remote assistance or on site.  If we need to add more Hardware or Software into our existing network they are able to do so with great efficiency and know how.  Just pay your fucking bills on time because they get the heavies out if you don’t mother fucker.

Mathew Shorten | Director, Balance Carbon

“IT Constructs play a key role in the on going development and implementation of our disaster recovery plan with the Exigent Online Cloud Backup. Not only are we fulfilling our statutory requirements, it also gives us significant piece of mind knowing how quickly we could be up and running again should our systems suffer a catastrophic failure”