Migration of Servers

IT constructs supports both large and small business who require data or application Servers. Our qualified support staff are well experienced in supporting a variety of larger and smaller server networks.

Purchasing a server isn’t always the right answer to your IT problem if your requirements are basic, we deal with each situation on a case by case basis and will be able to give you alternative options if we think that that would suit.

Smaller business without a server often experience growing pains because their existing setup isn’t doing the job properly.

As qualified Microsoft Small Business Specialists, we have the experience and knowledge to make sure that your technology works for you, not against you.

IT Servers

Can your business can benefit from your own Server?

File Sharing

Sharing company files from a central location. Allowing your employees to work more efficiently by having access to the same set of files, important company files can also be restricted to certian people.

Shared files are the simplest but often most useful feature of owning a server. In combination with a working backup system will cut out the largest and most painful issue with computers – missing files.


Help protect your critical business information from loss by automatically backing up the data on your server, and recover accidentally deleted files in the event of disaster.

Every customer is different so we offer many different backup options depending on what you as a customer require. Some customers only need a simple disaster recovery backup that enables them to get back on their feet.

Other customers require a more comprehensive backup system that enables them to retrieve files from many months ago.


Virtualisation is a relatively new technology that enables multiple computers to run in a virtual state on one pc, thus saving most of the costs associated with multiple servers.

This offers a fantastic opportunity to leverage new computing technology by quickly moving your existing system on to new hardware without having the associated labour costs with manual data migration.

Remote Access

Access business information from virtually anywhere and anytime, keeping you and your employees flexible for your customers. Access to business contacts, calendars, e-mail, files, your desktop, and even shared resources from any Internet connected PC, from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Exchange Email

Send an email late at night from your phone or tablet, then when you get to work and turn on your desktop your email is seamlessly updated with the changes you made elsewhere.

Share you contacts or calendars with others with degrees of access. Maybe you want your staff to know that you are unavailable but they don’t need to know where you are. Using exchange email you can make your calendar visible but no details are given.

Create a centralised company address book that can be accessed by all you staff, no more wasted time chasing up contact details for your clients.


Server Migration

Are you considering upgrading your existing servers? Perhaps the warranty has expired, its slow, noisy and something doesn’t feel right. Is your in line business application no longer supported or you have just outgrown your current solution? IT Constructs can guide you through the project process as we have been doing for many organisations, large and small for over 10 years.

If you are looking to purchase your first server or need your existing server refurbished we can help you at any budget.