Cloud Backup Solutions

Exigent Cloud Backup Solutions in Adelaide Cloud Backup Solutions in Adelaide

How does Exigent differ from other providers?

  • We offer a business focused product that backs up multiple file types!
  • Our product allows you to recover from more than one point in time giving you more recovery points.
  • Best of all our product is Australian so both your money and data stay in our country.


Your computer or server automatically encrypts and sends your important files to our servers. There is nothing that needs to be done by you, which means there is no human error involved.

Not only is your data compressed and encoded before leaving your computer, but it is sent over an encrypted connection making it one of the most secure ways to back up your data. No one can access your data without your password.


  • Because your files are important!
  • How often do you back up?
  • Do you take your backups home to ensure protection from fire and theft?
  • Could your backups be easily stolen?

A recent study

Disclosed that it takes 19 days and costs in excess of $17,000 to just re-enter 20 megabytes worth of sales and marketing data and retrieving accounting records is even more time and cost consuming, requiring over 21 days and costing over $19,000 to re-type

Over 50% of small businesses who experience catastrophic computer or server failure are out of business within 6 months.